Helpful Tips In Choosing Wedding Attire For Men

As soon as someone you know hands you an invitation for a wedding, the first question that runs through your head is “what am i going to wear?” It does not matter if you a man or a woman or even a mere teenager, it will probably be the first thing you think of. Most men will opt for picking out a random piece of clothing from their wardrobe without putting much thought to it and then appearing at the wedding looking like a slob. To avoid this, you need to put some thought about what to wear for a wedding instead of being lazy and deciding you can go half dressed. These tips would be helpful if you do not have an idea about how to start.

Formal – For most formal weddings, one of the best options is to go ahead and wear a proper suit paired with a matching tie. Some men honestly do not like to be in a hot suit all day, and for those men buying mens casual shirts online and then pairing it with a dark colored blazer is the best choice. This choice of outfit does not have the complete hassles of wearing a full suit. You can pair the shirt and blazer with matching dark colored pants and a simple bow tie. Put on a neat pair of black or brown classy leather shoes and you are ready to go. Dark colors are mentioned here mostly because it is best to wear dark colors to a formal wedding than wearing light or pastel colors as they give off a more informal look.

Semi – Formal – These semi – formal weddings do not need to be serious as formal weddings are, so you can simply wear mens short sleeve shirts online and put on a matching jacket if necessary. These shirts come in various patterns and colors but as it is semi – formal, plain shirts would be best to wear. Again, settling for some dark colors like dark gray, brown or black would set a classier mood than pastel colors. If you are a more “long sleeve” person you can easily opt for a shirt with long sleeves if you want.

Cocktail attire – These outfits are not as formal as the ones mentioned before. You can slip on a long or short sleeved shirt and some matching slick pants while putting on a pair of suspenders if you want. Suspenders are not exactly worn at formal weddings, but it is accepted as quality cocktail attire. Pair it with good loafers and you will end up looking your best!