How To Cut Down The Cost When Planning Your Graduation Outfit

Graduation doesn’t happen all the time. When you are done with your IGCSE there will be one graduation and then when your finish your post-secondary and finally when you are done with your under graduate studies. Unless you want to do your masters or PHD there’s no more graduation after that. People often plan like crazy when it comes to this because that’s like the last day of their official union with all their buddies. However, a lot pf people end up wasting a lot of cash in the process of planning it. Therefore it is always better to cut down some expenses and use it for other uses in future. What’s the point in wasting money when you are already broke? As students we all depend on the pocket money our parents provide and the last thing you want to do is to pester them for more money. Thus, think and plan wisely on what to waste money on.


If you are planning to take your date for your graduation for a change then you might have to spend double the cash on getting her dress as well. But instead if you are taking your family you will not have to spend any money. They will just come and cheer for you while you receive your certificate. But if you are really stubborn about taking your girl there are certain little things you could do. Instead of changing your entire suit color just to match her dress you could buy designer cufflinks and pair it with hers. So that you can save that extra cash of buying new one. Apart from that after the graduation they often have dinner night or ball dance night. To enter that, the ticket price is going to be super expensive. Unless you really want to go, you are not forced to go and spend your cash.


Another main way as to how you could spend less is by purchasing everything online. For example, you can buy good cufflinks online. This way you can get quality products for a lesser price. When comparing with the ones sold in the country, the ones you order online tends to be much much cheaper. Therefore, don’t just stick to one store. Go browse sites which sell stuffs for boys especially. In that way you can save your cash and also buy things for yourself. Thus, do your shopping wisely prior to the graduation. So that you got plenty of time to change what you don’t like,These are the simple ways in which you can cut down the cost!